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Fulcrum Computer Products - 1981 catalog (9 pages, 10MB, 1981) - S-100 bus and IMSAI 8080 microcomputer products and accessories
Microsoft - 1983 Product catalog (18 pages, 25MB, 1983) - Microsoft microcomputer products from the days of floppy disks and 64k of memory. Note, there are two product catalog pages on each page of the PDF, for a total of 36 catalog pages.
New Scientist magazine - Pink Floyd's The Wall concert, behind the scenes (1 page, 4MB, August 1980) - An overview of how the concert was put together.
Programmer's Update magazine - 1989 Bill Gates Interview (9 pages, 19MB, July 1989) - Future computing directions, Bill Gates interviewed at the Boston Computer Society.
Trains magazine - Staten Island Rapid Transit (SIRT) article (7 pages, 56MB, February 1951) - Discussion of the history of the railroad.