Sources under BSD licence

gwhitelist (google whitelist) assists mail administrators in placing the google outbound SMTP servers on a Postfix postscreen whitelist
Kea Script
The script shows the list of leases currently delegated by Kea.
NMEATest is a test program that outputs the current time as a NMEA GPRMC sentence to the serial port once per second, emulating a GPS device.
PFStats is a script that formats the output of a pfctl -v -s rules command into a one-line-per-rule format.
Prefix delegation preference patch for ISC-DHCP IPv6 client
This patch adds the ability for the ISC dhclient to send a prefix delegation preference request (sometimes called a PD hint) to the DHCP server to request a specific prefix length to be delegated.
pslogscan (Postscreen log scanner) is a shell script that provides a quick overview of the operation of Postfix's Postscreen service.
split-logfile is a c-language program intended to be a more efficient drop-in replacement for the split-logfile perl script usually distributed with Apache's httpd webserver.